Boiler Installation

Your boiler purchase is the single most important aspect of your homes central heating and hot water delivery system.

Worcester Bosch Boiler

Old, inefficient boilers could be costing you significantly over the years, in repairs and unexpected breakdowns, and with energy prices rising, who wants to pay out any more than they need to?

It may be time for you to invest in a smaller, cleaner, safer and higher efficiency boiler. The boilers we supply from Worcester Bosch amongst other manufacturers, are A-rated for energy efficiency. For a small Family, an efficient boiler can save you over £320 on your energy bills annually.

1stcallgassafe are an accredited installer of leading UK brand Worcester-Bosch boilers, amongst other well known brands, one of very few in the local area. Therefore 1stcallgassafe have the technical know-how to install the best Worcester-Bosch boilers to suit your requirements. As an accredited Worcester-Bosch installer, 1stcallgassafe is able to support warranties for 7 – 12 years*.

* Please note this is a manufactuer’s warranty.

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If you require assistance in choosing the right boiler to suit your requirements, we can help.

1stcallgassafe can visit your property and help you choose a boiler that will deliver maximum performance, be aesthetically pleasing and provide years of unrivalled service and support.

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worcester bosch boiler warranty 12 years