Servicing Your Boiler

It’s highly recommended that you service your new boiler every year.

Not only will this help prevent boiler breakdowns, but a well maintained boiler is much more energy efficient and that will help keep your energy bills down. For new boiler installations, yearly servicing is important to help maintain the validity of your warranty.

During a boiler service, we will do the following:

Gas Pressure Check

We check your gas pressure to make sure it’s correct.

Carbon Monoxide Check

We test your flue to make sure your appliance isn’t leaking out carbon monoxide.

Appliance Check

We inspect your appliance and the controls to make sure they’re safe and working correctly.

Wear & Tear Check

We take a look at your appliance to check for any wear or leaks.

Appliance Clean

We examine all the boiler components and pipework and make sure they are clean.

Paperwork Service Report

When completed we provide a full service report.

1scallgassafe offer a yearly maintainence program for all our newly fitted boilers.

We can provide reminders of annual servicing.

As Fully Accredited Worcester Bosch Installers, 1stcallgassafe can support a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 10 years on your newly replaced boiler.

You can rest assured that from installation, to yearly servicing and maintainance, 1stcallgassafe will be there to support you and your family along the way.

Still Unsure?

To find out more about our warranties or our installation services please get in touch.